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Please introduce yourself with your short personal story (5 Min). Bring a picture or object, that inspires you about our life in the next 10 years. That might be pictures

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Harald Neidhardt

Welcome & Intro Harald Neidhardt

Harald is the Editor in Chief and Curator of He is passionate about the Future of Mobile and its opportunities for society, brands and entrepreneurs. He created the
Peter Hirshberg


Peter Hirshberg is at the epicenter of the noisy, connected world of online conversation. He is changing our thinking about marketing, branding and customer relationships. A Silicon Valley executive
Gregory Delaune

Urban Innovation

Drawing on lessons learned from innovative best practices he has gathered from around the globe, Greg specializes in ‘Innovation Ecosystem Development': He helps build public-private partnerships for local economic
Jenn Sander

Panel Urban Future: Burning Man

Jenn Sander is a communications and engagement specialist who loves telling stories, creating experience and building community. Penn helps innovators come together to create a larger impact. She is the Founder of Play Atéliers, her partners
Inga Wellmann

Panel Urban Future: Art & Culture

Inga Wellmann is an intermediary with educational background in mixed media arts and cultural management. She has always worked at the intersection of arts, economy, science, and the public
Oliver Risse

Floatility: European premiere

Oliver is a cleantech fanatic and worked the last 15 years in the field of clean energy investments, smart city technologies, electric mobility and sustainable design. He loves the
Daniela Schiffer

Mobility for Good

Daniela is co-founder and COO of Changers. They get employees from their cars onto their bikes and into public transit. The Changers app measures the distance travelled, calculates your CO2
Dr. Tom Kirschbaum

Mobility by the People

He is both Lawyer & Banker, holding a Ph.D. in Corporate Law. Tom served as executive assistant to the CEO of a german bank, gaining valuable insights on how
Holger Weiss

Connected Cars

Holger has had over ten years of experience managing various technology driven companies focusing on consumer centric services.  He helped develop gate5, a company specializing in mobile navigation, which
Louis-P. Huard

Boréal Bikes: European Premiere

Louis-P. Huard is a bike enthusiast, lead designer and CEO/co-founder of Boreal Bikes. Boréal Bikes creates connected bike tech that unleashes the power of the Internet of Things to
Panel speakers

Panel Mobility

Here we take a look into the future. Here the tech trends of the coming years are set. Car-to-x communication is once again at the center of attention. But
Yasemin Arhan Modéer

Creative Hub Malmö

Yasemin Arhan Modéer is the founder and CEO of Altitude Meetings, a company working with conference and meetings, focusing on strategy and content. She is also involved creating a new
Kai Iwasaki

Smart Cities Roundtable

Kai is a global development advisor and Smart Cities expert with an international background in medicine, emergency management, and policy. She is the CEO and founding partner of Embassy:
Christian Vanizette

Make Sense

Christian was born in Tahiti and founded MakeSense in France, an Ashoka-alum open-source platform for online and offline collaboration that allows any social entrepreneur to submit a challenge to be
Timo Lundelius

Panel Urban Creative Hubs

Timo Lundelius (29) began his professional career in the multi-channel distributor Globetrotter equipment GmbH in Hamburg. He worked there a total of almost 7 years running as online marketing
Matthias Weber

Panel Urban Creative Hubs

Matthias Weber is a Transformation Designer based out of Hamburg, Germany with a background in Media Art and Design, trend research, event curation, strategy and innovation consulting. He considers himself
Michael Utkin +1

Going eFarming

Michaels mission in life is to spread smart agriculture innovations to farmers all over the world with mobile technologies. After working for more than 12 years in senior management positions
Jennifer Schneider

Family Farming

Jennifer Schneider is the founder of Jardinyo, a start-up with the mission to enable urban citizens, with only little space, time and knowledge about farming, to grow their own
Nikolaus Röttger, Mirko Bass, Tristan Reckhaus

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FutureCity Barbecue

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Harald Neidhardt

Welcome & Intro Harald Neidhardt

Harald is the Editor in Chief and Curator of He is passionate about the Future of Mobile and its opportunities for society, brands and entrepreneurs. He created the
Dr. Carsten Brosda

Keynote Dr. Carsten Brosda

Carsten Brosda is Commissioner of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg for Media.  Before that he was head of the communications department of the Social
Jens Meier

Keynote Jens Meier

After completing his studies in computer science and the supplementary subject of economics at the University of Hamburg, Jens Meier (48) started his professional career as Board Member at
Joel Curado Silveirinha

Keynote Joel Curado Silveirinha

Joel is the Head of the Program Management Office, IoE for Cities, part of Cisco's Smart+Connected Communities organization. Joel currently oversees worldwide deployments of smart city solutions in key
Div. Speaker

Panel EXPO 2015 Milan

Guido Arnone, Director Innovation, Products and Services at EXPO 2015 S.p.A.
 He leads the design and development of P&S at World Exhibition 2015 Milan: “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. High-performance,
Tristan Reckhaus

Keynote Tristan Reckhaus

Tristan is an Ecosystem Enthusiast. 15 years in business. Founded a company in 1996. Joined IBM in 2001, when Big Blue invented e-business. International experience. Launched IBMís startup program and
Bastian Schäfer

3D-printing for Pros

Bastian Schäfer is the project leader of the Bionic Partition project where he is focussing on multi-objective optimization approaches combined with 3D printing technology within a joined-innovation project with
Ali Jelveh

Keynote Ali Jelveh

Born 1980 in Iran, Ali fled with his family and found a new home 1987 in Hamburg. These experiences are driving his thoughts and actions until today and motivated
Mark Dare Schmiedel

The coodo mobile living models

Mark considers designing an interplay of communication between brands, media and distribution as his professional forte. Mark is a former real estate broker and his passion returned to architecture during
Christina Dicke

Design for IoT

Christina Dicke has over 10 years of international experience in user research, innovation development and user centered design. She holds a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on
Tom van Oudenaarden

Live Implementation RFID Chip

Tom van Oudenaarden lives in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has been a piecer and body modification artist for the last 10 years. In January 2014 he opened his own
Harald Neidhardt


Closing speech and introduction for the following workshops
Daniela Mayrshofer & Kay Hartkopf

Smart Olympic City Hamburg

"Change is gonna happen in the cities" (Bruce Katz, TEDx Hamburg, 2015).
Olympic games provide a once in a life time opportunity to create a sustainable and

Ideation & Maker Workshops

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Christina Dicke


Christina Dicke has over 10 years of international experience in user research, innovation development and user centered design. She holds a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on

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